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Collaborative Development


Scaling and Improving Collaboration


Collaboration depends on a compromise between access and control. As a maintainer gives up access, control is lost. With lost control, a project may lose conceptual integrity. Tuning access is the foundation of any collaboration. Our goal is to determine a scalable open-source access model. It should allow contributors to easily submit a contribution, without prior approval. Scale well beyond ten contributors. As contributors come and go, transience should not produce overhead. Most importantly, communication should be fast and simple.


Free Wordpress Plugins


Best Free WordPress Plugins


I don't use WordPress myself anymore, but many of my clients do, so here are some of the best Free and Open Source WordPress plugins that I use and recommend. All of these are free WordPress plugins with downloads and source code available.


Open Source Contribution


Why I Ended My Open Source Contribution Streak At Burning Man


Streak and Burning Man are in the title but I assure you that this post is G-rated AND family-friendly. I had contributed to open source for 66 days in a row. Then, like any Whole Earth Catalog-carrying cybercounterculturalist living in San Francisco, I went to Burning Man.


Open Source Business


How to Support A Family of 5 By Running An Open Source Project


While seeking open-source audio software, I found a project which asks for a small donation before you can download the application binaries. I interviewed the leader of the project and found out how he is able to support a family of five through this donation system. Awesome!


Ansible Immutable Infrastructure


Immutable Infrastructure with Ansible and Packer


At Codeship we run immutable servers which we internally call Checkbot. These are the machines responsible for running your tests, deploying your software and reporting the results back to our web application. Of course, there are constant changes to the setup of these images. New software needs to be installed, packages upgraded, old software versions removed. Let’s see how we do that!




Building Vagrant Machines with Packer


Packer lets you build Virtual Machine Images for different providers from one JSON file. You can use the same file and commands to build an image on AWS, Digital Ocean or for VirtualBox and vagrant. This makes it possible to use exactly the same system for development which you then create in production. In this blog post, we will show you how you can use Packer to build your vagrant machines. In a follow-up post we will focus on how we use Packer for building all of our Continuous Deployment Infrastructure.


Open Source Project Management


Maintaining an Open Source Project: Project Organization


I have accumulated a fair amount of experience working on open source projects during my time at Firebase, a backend-as-a-service company which makes it easy to build real-time applications. We maintain several open-source libraries, most of which are written in JavaScript. Over time we devised a common project structure and tool set across them. In this series of tutorials, I will share my learnings and introduce you to the tools that make my life easier on a daily basis. 


Open Source Culture


Free Culture and Open Source Hacking


Rodney Mullen is the greatest skateboarder of all time. He invented damn near every trick in the book, and all skateboarders owe him something. He's even responsible for the design and shapes of modern decks and trucks. His contributions to the sport have enabled numerous generations of growth and innovation, and in this talk he likens the culture of skateboarding to the culture of Free and Open Source software.