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What makes freelancers unique?

"In our experience, engineers are capable, hungry, and speedy. Further, the model allows us the flexibility to pivot on a dime. This agility has been a huge advantage to us while engaging a ton of different industry partners."

- Michael Perretta, Docket CEO


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1. They're not learning on the job.

We drink our own champagne. Here's why.

We trust our code test to tell us who's been there, done that.

We built it to assess professionalism and seniority - not just language proficiency. Do they have the skills and experience that allow them to solve tough problems quickly - no matter the language or framework? The answer's got to be yes.

2. We trust their references.

There's nothing like getting a referral from someone you trust. We set out to recreate that peace of mind with verified work histories. We get the OK from previous clients, managers, and peers before bringing freelancers on. 

3. We’re not competing for their attention.

Moonlighting isn’t our thing. Freelancers on spend the lion's share of their time here, which means they’re not spending time looking for their next gig, getting contracts signed, or hunting down accounts payable. They’re committed to their anchor client - which is you.

4. They’re true partners - not mechanical turks.

We learn just as much from them as they do from us. They've seen around corners that we didn't anticipate, saving us tons of time and money. They’re invested in building things that work, not just raking in a paycheck.
 freelancers have production experience in over 1,000 languages, frameworks, and disciplines. 


React Python Javascript Node API
AWS Swift Android CSS Vue
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