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Product Marketing


Viral VS. Sustainable Marketing


When it comes to any type of marketing, the most important thing is to think about customer experience from start to finish. The connection between a product and the consumer has to be unique in order to lead B2C or B2B sales. You have to find something within your product or service that can tell a story, fulfill a need and is also eye-catching.


Product Innovation


Borrowing Innovation from Aerospace: An Engineer's Perspective


Have you ever worked on what seemed like a ground-breaking innovation – only for the end-product to come up painfully short? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. The fact is, new software can fail for many reasons. Sina Golshany has implemented a couple of principles that guided him throughout his career to preventing failed innovations. Sina, the current director of information at Fabricated Extrusion Company, is an aerospace engineering expert.


Product Launch


How (Not) to Botch A Product Launch


A while back we launched a product. Of course, you didn't hear about it because we completely flubbed the launch. Somebody submitted it across social media sites before we wanted them to and it got to the front page of HackerNews, at which point the server completely melted and our launch fell off into the abyss. Crap. Here's what we should have done instead.


Core Products


Your product isn't your product


When you think about ways to improve your product, focusing on the following often neglected areas can have a massive impact on customer happiness and retention. Next to working on your core product, focusing on personality, marketing and support may seem like a waste of your time. It’s not. In fact, by integrating these things into your core product you’ll build a machine that’s fine-tuned to produce happy, loyal customers.


Manage Product Development


Product management hacks when you have limited resources


You might be a startup or a product team inside of a larger organization. Everything is super urgent and needs to be finished by yesterday. You are strapped for resources and desperately try to make ends meet. Anxiety kicks in. Motivation turns into pessimism and cynism. Things get worse. Way worse. — Been there done that. Here are a few lessons learned on what you can do in situations when you find yourself hopelessly strapped for resources, and fighting against all odds.