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Python for Data Science


10 Essential Data Science Packages for Python


Interest in data science has risen remarkably in the last five years. And while there are many programming languages suited for data science and machine learning, Python is the most popular. Since it’s the language of choice for machine learning, here’s a Python-centric roundup of ten essential data science packages, including the most popular machine learning packages.


Python SSH


Write a script for Pilot SSH in Python


Most of the administration tasks can be abstracted away in a script, so why not take advantage of that and create a nice UI for them? That way, the keyboard will not be the first mean of interaction with a server. Thanks to this idea, flushing a cache, upgrading a WordPress website or restarting a web server can be done in a few taps on your screen! This is very useful for quick fixes, when you're on call in a bar, or when you want to hide from your significant other the fact that you're still working on vacation.


Zappa Python


Announcing Zappa - Serverless Python Web Applications


Today, I'm pleased to announce the first major release of Zappa - a system for running "serverless" Python web applications using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. Zappa handles all of the configuration and deployment automatically - now, you can deploy an infinitely scalable application to the cloud with a single command - all for a minute fraction of the cost of a traditional web server.


Python Web Server


Python for the web


Python is the best language in the world for interacting with the web, and I'm going to show you why. This article will give an extremely high-level overview of how to use python for the web. There are many ways you can interact with the web using python, and this post will cover all of them. This includes python web scraping, interacting with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and running your own python web site using the python server software. There are many ways to do all these things in python, but I'm going to show you how to do it the right way using the most modern techniques.


Flask Microservices


Building Serverless Microservices with Zappa and Flask


Today, I'm going to show you how to write and deploy serverless microservices using Flask and Zappa. If you're new to Flask, you'll see just how easy is. However, if you prefer Pyramid, Bottle, or even Django, you're in luck, because Zappa works with any WSGI-compatible framework!