Hiring: Python Developer Jobs

We are actively recruiting developers with 3+ years of experience in Python. Opportunities for both salaried and freelance work. 100% remote.


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Gun.io is trusted by teams committed to excellence in software engineering like Tesla, CISCO, & NBC, and over 10,000 independent software engineers, designers, product managers, and project managers.

Our mission is to help innovative businesses grow, qualified candidates get hired, and do our part to help revolutionary technology companies move our civilization forward.

We are actively recruiting Python developers to fill open roles with our portfolio clients. These engagements are both salaried and freelance; the freelance engagements typically last for six months or longer. Candidates dictate their preferred hourly commitment, engagement type (salaried or freelance), and rates/salary. We are flexible and open to all.

An Ideal Candidate:

Has experience building greenfield software products as the key technical decision-maker. 

Has experience building and leading software teams. 

Is currently or has previously worked with clients as an independent contractor. 

Has 3+ years of experience in Python. 

Has deep knowledge of and experience with the entire software development lifecycle. 

Proficiency in version control—preferably git.

Is fluent in English—most Gun.io clients are US-based. 


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A multimillion dollar digital growth agency has been working with a full stack developer on Gun.io for 7 months to manage their development needs end-to-end.


A cutting-edge insurance platform has been working with a team of Gun.io developers and designers for the last year to iterate on their existing product.


A social media company hired an iOS developer from Gun.io as a salaried employee, earning that developer 40% more than their previous role.

To Apply For Python Opportunities:

1. Create your profile. This takes anywhere from one to two hours, and includes a code challenge that qualifies you for all opportunities on the platform.

2. Apply for opportunities. It’s as easy as sharing your profile with companies who are hiring on the platform. New opportunities posted daily.

3. Get invited to interview. Gun.io facilitates interviews between you and companies who loved your application.

4. Start working together. We handle contracts, billing, payments, and support, so you can get to work quickly.


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Gun.io has felt the most professional out of all other platforms, with a standout sense of community and culture.

Jason K.

Gun.io Developer

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