How To Save on Technical Recruiting

Even during a global crisis.

When the unexpected happens

The key to operating a successful startup is an efficient engineering team. The key to building that team is acquiring and maintaining quality talent.

 But, what happens when an unexpected roadblock (or, you know, a global pandemic) gets in the way of that success? 

Your needs change...

...but you still have production deadlines to meet, and you still need engineers to get there.

 Due to an unprecedented time, your priority is conserving capital while trying to navigate the uncertainty. But, you don't have to choose between quality work and bringing your product to a halt. 

World-class technical talent, on tap.

How to reduce your recruiting costs by 60% 

Key Solutions:


Did you know the average time-to-hire for an engineering role is 58 days? There's a solution to cut down that timeline.


The average cost of a mis-hire is 30% of their yearly salary. We'll show you how to eliminate that risk.


The average tenure of an engineer is 2 years before they exit. We'll help you break the cycle.


The traditional hiring model leaves little room for error.
We'll show you how to make space for quality talent, fast.



Luckily, there's a better way to hire.

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Acquire quality talent, faster. So you can focus on your product not your recruiting pipeline.