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Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure Insights From a Developer Advocate


Burke Holland is a Nashville-based Developer Advocate for Microsoft. He's one of the rare people who's had a developer advocate position since way back in 2011, so he answers questions like what is a developer advocate? What does a developer advocate do? And even how to become one. Burke walks us through some of the most exciting features of Microsoft Azure that every developer should be aware of including the VS Code IDE, Azure Cognitive Services, and Cosmos DB.


Open Source Neural Network


Open Source Neural Networks in 500 Lines or Less


Marina Samuel, Staff Software Engineer at Mozilla, is one of the authors featured in the fourth book in the Architecture of Open Source Applications series called "500 Lines or Less.", for which she wrote a 500-line simple neural network for OCR. Marina discusses her early career at Mozilla, her work on the Firefox Browser, notably on privacy initiatives, and about how to get involved as a first-time contributor to open source.


Dealing with Legacy Code


Important Considerations in Dealing with legacy Code


Debbie Madden is the co-founder and CEO of Stride Consulting. Jason Ables is the team coach and creative scientist at Ethode. Together they discuss important consideration in dealing with legacy code fro their experiences in their respective enterprises.


API Development


The Amazing Business of Being ‘Uncool’


Nav Bhachech, who boasts an impressive CV having worked at both Microsoft and Amazon discusses his work with various SV-area startups. Nav walks us through his work with developing Microsoft Office apps, utilizing add-on and API functionality in standard Office applications. He discusses the issues with developing systems that aren’t considered ‘cool’, but are highly valued by those that use them.


Unplanned Development


Killing Unplanned Development with Frictionless Development


Unplanned work blows up estimates, kills team morale, and drives down productivity, which makes it no surprise that the best agile engineering leaders target operations improvements as a core value. Shawn Kuenzler takes that mission even deeper. Shawn was previously the Director of Engineering at Zen Planner, currently, he is the co-founder of Manatee, where he serves as the company’s CTO. Shawn discusses balancing efficiency with empathy for customers and team members, a concept and goal state he blends into what he calls "Frictionless Development.”


Digital Transofrmation Tools


Digital transformation Tools for Practical Solutions


Dan Morgan, former VP of Software Engineering and Development at Unitas Global discusses practical solutions to implementing specialized technologies in organizations both new and legacy. Now he works as the Director of Platform Development at RedShelf. Experienced listeners won't be surprised to learn that technology is only a small part of the digital transformation equation.


Building Better Software


Technical Evangelism as The Voice of Building Better Software


Priyanka Sharma, Technical Evangelist at GitLab shares her thoughts on overcooling, how to handle the operations burdens of cloud and microservices efforts, and how to adjust process components for scale. She also walks us through how to deal with media overload when you have a job that requires you to be up to date on tech trends.


Low Code Platfroms


The Engineering Magic Behind Low Code Platforms


What if digital and marketing teams could really launch amazing web apps without needing developers? That's the promise of low-code and no-code platforms. Alex Howard is the lead engineer behind that process at Brandcast, and he discusses the engineering challenges of simplifying (and democratizing) web development, balancing your workflow as an engineer, and not painting yourself into a technical debt corner with features when you're building really complex, innovative tools.


Digital Transformation Strategy


Digital Transformation, Bleeding Edge, and Legacy Tribal Knowledge


Nick Lumsden, COO of Online Tech discusses what used to be built, deploy, maintain is now build, deploy, destroy. The secret sauce of digital transformation is the total plan to bring along not just the bleeding edge, but also the legacy tribal knowledge that came before. Nick walks us through key factors to an airtight digital transformation strategy.


Open Source Community


Keeping The Open Source Community First Priority


Jason Lengstorf runs developer relations at Gatsby, a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps. By addressing the problem of app launch from the perspective of progressive disclosure of complexity, Gatsby's entire ethos is designed around shipping fast. Jason talks keeping the open source community first and foremost in their mission, and the critical seat that's being filled by the dev rel community as the role and monetization of open source software heats up.


CI/CD Tools


Modern CI/CD Tools with Legacy Mainframes


Tim Ceradsky, Director of Technical Support at Compuware discusses how COBOL programmers retiring en masse over the next decade, colleges and code schools are picking up on the massive demand. And get this -- Compuware's tools allow the use of modern CI/CD tools, IDEs, and code visualizations that make a good case to banish the green screen monochrome horror stories you might imagine.


Behavior-Driven Development


Behavior-Driven Development to Empower Stakeholders


When it comes to Quality Assurance, the hot buzz words are "automation" and "moving left." It's true that automated testing beats manual, but throwing a bunch of automated tests on your UI just to increase your test coverage isn't productive. QA leader David Morgan discusses implementing behavior-driven development that empowers stakeholders to speak and share a common language of software quality.


Native vs Hybrid Apps


Native vs Hybrid Apps in High-Growth Startups


Simon Reggiani is a multi-platform native and hybrid mobile developer with over a decade of experience launching apps on iOS and Android using Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, and React Native. Simon shares his opinions and insights based on his experience at Slack and other high-growth startups. He talks about when businesses should go native vs. hybrid, and how developers can make the leap from web app to mobile app development.


Service Discovery in a Microservices Architecture


Legacy Conversions and Service Discovery in a Microservices Architecture


Travis Scheponik is a Master Software Engineer, currently with Capital One. His previous decade of experience has included work in finance, government, education, and a series of multi-industry startups. His areas of expertise include legacy system conversion, cybersecurity, and application performance, as well as recent projects in service discovery.


Sales Engineering


Solving Customer Problems as a Sales Engineer


Chris Goodman, Director of Integrations and Alliances from SentinelOne gives a different perspective on customer empathy - one that's directly tasked with helping customers. This is done by figuring out the problems they really have, and how to solve them. Chris also shares a succinct and powerful approach to help engineers stand out and secure coveted roles.


DevOps Automation


DevOps Automation, Orchestration, and Choreography


Steve Peak is the founder and CEO of Asyncy, an ambitious foray into the brave new world of DevOps automation, orchestration, and choreography. An accomplished software engineer himself, Steve's contributions to the development toolchain includes other efforts like, which he founded in 2015. The future of application choreography in the cloud era requires new ways of thinking about abstraction, and Asyncy's passionate founder and team are charting new paths in this exciting field.


Microservice Design


Pragmatic Microservice Design: keep calm, and ship code


In its purest form, the microservices architectural pattern tells us to "dream small" while designing services, which is all well and good, but how small is still useful? Pragmatic microservice design helps draw some useful boundaries and keeps our eyes on shipping product. Director of Engineering; Daniel Knight discusses breaking down business problems into known objectives in the business and technical domain, and taking the focus off trying to solve problems we don't yet understand.


Open Source API


Building an Open Source API Platform


Marco Palladino, co-founder, and CTO of Kong, joins Ledge on this episode of the pod to talk about the history of Kong and how they built the most widely adopted open-source API platform.


Buildig Information Modeling


Cutting Edge Design with Building Information Modeling


In this episode, Ledge is joined by Ian McGaw, Vice President of Technology and Innovation at ENGworks, to talk about how they are using cutting edge tech to design and build better projects by saving construction costs and time through implementing the full potential of Building Information Modeling.