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Continuous Delivery Tool


Why Spinnaker Matters to CI/CD


Spinnaker provides unique building blocks to create tailor-made, and highly-collaborative continuous delivery pipelines. Join them at Spinnaker Summit. It takes many tools to deliver an artifact into production. Tools for building and testing, tools for creating a deployable artifact like a container image, tools for authentication and authorization, tools for maintaining infrastructure, and more. Seamlessly integrating these tools into a workflow can be transformative for an engineering culture, but doing it yourself can be a tall order.


Code Search


Top 6 Alternatives to an IDE for Better Code Searching


There are many options available for searching code. If you are using an IDE, there is a good chance it has something built-in. Sadly it’s often not very good, or fast, and is never compassable. What you want is something that is fast, able to handle complex queries, and could be composed of other tools. If you are a UNIX geek, then you are likely already thinking “grep”. That is close to where I am headed, but there is more to the story.


QA Automation Tools


Get Your QA Automation Moving


The hottest buzz words in quality assurance right now are “automation” and “moving left”. Automated tests do beat manual ones as far as saving time goes, but there’s no sense in adding extra automated tests just to increase your test coverage. David Morgan, a QA leader, is here to tell us how to build a quality software engineering organization from scratch and implement behavior-driven development. David has worked as both a developer and QA, so he is able to recognize the challenges that both sides encounter.


Software Deployment Tools


Your Deployment Pipeline is Your Biggest #Fail


A well-tuned software toolchain and deployment pipeline saves every developer on your team between two and three hours a week. On a team of 12 developers, that’s almost an entire man-week of time saved every week (36 hours). As a software developer, repeated computer tasks simply bore me. If it’s possible to make my fancy machines do the job for me, I want to do that. Software deployment is a smart use case of automation tools because it’s the worst possible case of a repeated risk.


Terminal Colors


Getting terminal colors right


As a part of our work on ANSI escape code coloring, I looked in detail at default colors used in different command line terminals. Default terminal colors do not take into account human perception of color brightness – luminance. So I spent some time looking around for a solution. There are various formulas found for luminance calculation.


Project Management Tool


Why Switched to Dart


Blossom is a lightweight project management tool for people who craft modern mobile and web applications. It’s basically an online Kanban board for your product team. From a technical point of view Blossom is a cutting edge single-page web application with Google App Engine as the backend (JSON API). Yet despite all that innovation building web applications with decent user experience using JavaScript still is really hard and I believe way harder than it should be. I feel the JavaScript ecosystem suffers from NIH more than any other language community that I know. Here’s why.


CI/CD Tool


Don't Become a Chief Obstacle Officer


As technology acceleration forces companies to release software faster, and with teams and technology increasingly distributed, it's never been more important to assess how you are approaching your engineering and dev ops environments and tools. This is especially true considering that companies that 'get it right', outperform their peers by a factor of 2. In this article, we assess both the technology and cultural considerations of using Spinnaker to keep pace as more organizations adopt continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)




Stubbing and Mocking with RSpec


When you work Outside-In with Behavior-Driven Development your scenarios take care of checking that your application works from a user’s perspective. They don’t care at all how you implement something. Let’s say we refactor a class of our application. Then we permanently want to make sure that we didn’t break anything by moving things around. Unfortunately, this is impossible with integration tests, because they are just too slow.


Immutable Infrastructure


Expanding on Immutable Infrastructure


Replacing a system at the lowest level you can force you to automate every deployment step. Immutable infrastructure and Continuous deployment work great together. Completely replacing, instead of updating, an existing part of your infrastructure makes your deployments less complex. Test driven development, Continuous Deployment and Immutable Infrastructure are strategies we have been using on the Codeship for a long time. For Immutable Infrastructure you need cloud servers and a virtualised environment.