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Network of Talent

See the person behind the resume

We designed our talent profiles to answer the questions we usually ask candidates over coffee, so you can get to know candidates who might be half a world away.

View Endorsements


Read what past colleagues have to say about what it’s like to work with each candidate.

Candidate Video

Video intro

This short video highlights their communication style and what’s important to them as a professional.

Work Style


We built the first WorkStyle Assessment to help articulate the different ways people approach their work—from core motivations, to energy drains, to down time needs.

Compare Candidates


See at a glance how candidates stack up with each other with apples-to-apples, multidimensional profiles.

Profile previews

Better matching, better retention


Our vetting, matching, and support systems result in 50% longer relationships than the Silicon Valley average between companies and professionals, which reduces HR-related costs for companies.