About Gun.io

Gun.io began as a mechanism to help local open source software developers find good freelance gigs.


Today, we support 20,000+ freelance engineers across the world.

Invest in experience, higher skill levels and better outcomes.

We help build the ideal development team to get your job done right.

David "Ledge" Ledgerwood
Client Growth
Ledge is a many-time founder, with deep experience in growing six-figure startups to 8-figure enterprises. Clients talk to Ledge first when exploring a relationship with Gun.io.
Tyler Newkirk
Tyler leads Operations at Gun.io. Outside of work, Tyler spends his time getting swole and flexy in the gym, chopping wood outside of the gym, and drinking rye whiskey.
Rich Jones
Founder & Hacker Evangelist
Rich built Gun.io's first version in his dorm room in Boston. When he's not fighting for the Professional Freelancer, Rich writes open source software and skates.
Teja Yenamandra
Teja is passionate about creating a new, global framework for work. He likes training jiu-jitsu, weightlifting, and drinking coffee.