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Candidate Vetting


5 Best Practices for Candidate Vetting in 2019


In a job market where roles require specialized technical knowledge, vetting processes must keep up. Fierce competition over the best candidates, as well as pressure to perform on key metrics like employee turnover and cost-per-hire, encourage in-house recruiters to spend more time in the vetting phase of the hiring process. Here are the best practices smart recruiting teams follow to vet candidates in 2019.


Engineering Recruitment


Building an Engineering Recruitment Process that Candidates Love


Alan Spadoni, an experienced engineering leader with over 13 years of software development experience discusses how he’s rethinking the recruitment process. Spadoni was an engineering lead at Groupon for six years and is currently the Director of Engineering at Buildout. Sure, everyone wishes they were the next hottest company in Silicon Valley. The reality is that great companies exist around the world, and recruiting may look a bit different for companies that aren’t household names.



Writing a Job Post


How do I make this job post relevant?


How can I make my job post more attractive and relevant to developers? I get asked this question often, so here’s a short guide on how to make your job posting relevant to developers. Spoiler alert: there’s no one secret way.


Hire Freelance


Hire freelance first, even if you're looking for full-time


There's a lot of opinions about the best way to find a software developer. The noise can be distracting and steer you away from staying focused on getting a product out the door and into the consumer's hands. Below is our story about how we threw out the "all or nothing" mentality of only working with a full-time developer, and the unseen benefits of hiring freelance first.


Hire JavaScript Developer


How to hire a JavaScript developer


Time to hire a JavaScript expert? Honestly, that’s probably a good idea. JavaScript doesn’t just run on the front end but has become a powerhouse for creating full-featured and full-functioning web applications. Users expect snappy, responsive sites and intuitive interfaces. If it’s on the web, JavaScript is there. Whether you’re trying to find a front-end designer type, a full-stack generalist, or a node.js back-end engineer, I’ll cover some high-level tips that will help in your selection process.


Post a Job


More Support, Better Proposals


Over the past few months, the team has discussed at great length our mission and direction. Our mission has always been to help professional freelancers build more wealth and freedom, and help businesses build better products. We’ve listened to your feedback and have built a frictionless way to meet, hire, and ultimately work with professional freelance software developers.


Hiring Platform


How is Changing the Hiring Game


Any number of marketplace sites now allow you to hire freelance developers of many different backgrounds and levels of experience. Some of them rely on the community, for example through previous customer ratings, to allow you to filter for the 'best' freelancers. Others issue tests to filter for 'the top X%' of freelancers. Still, others completely obfuscate the hiring and staffing into a 'black box' approach where you never speak to your developers. So, we've invested in better methods, some of which I explain here.


High Quality Talent


Stop Trying To Measure Software Developers


A good development team is not cheap (nor should it be!) ⎼ whether you’re a development shop, product company, or traditional company with a technology arm, building and maintaining a skilled development team will likely take a healthy portion of your company’s budget. Given this reality, how will you determine if your investment in specific developers, development teams or frameworks is as efficient as possible? 


Hire Programmers


How to Hire Programmers


ou have an idea. It needs to be a website or a mobile app. You can visualize how people would use it. But you need help building it since you can’t build it yourself. You are a non-technical person. You need to hire a programmer. But how do you hire a programmer if you’re not one and don’t know what to look for? These are my 10 principle guidelines for hiring a programmer.


Tech Job Boards


Top 5 Job Boards for Growing Technology Companies


Whether you’re hiring software engineers, growth marketers, operations associates, or product leads, finding the right talent to propel your technology company forward can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. To put a dent in this predicament, I’ve assembled a non-exhaustive list of the best job boards for technology companies to find their next home-run hire. I’ve both hired and been hired through each of the platforms below, and I’ve found them all to consistently provide qualified candidates for startups and growing tech companies.


Hire Android Developer


How To Hire Android Developers


So, you've got an idea for a new mobile app, or perhaps you have an iPhone app and you want to hire an Android developer to port your iPhone app to Android. What should you be looking for? Since Android is based upon Java, which is the language of choice at many computer science schools, there are lots of people who claim to be able to write Android programs. So what should you be looking for? This guide should give you a good idea about how to hire android developers.


Building a World Class Team


How To Build A World-Class Remote Engineering Team


We won’t bury the lede here: good hiring and management strategy is a good hiring and management strategy, whether your team is remote or local. The difference? Remote engineering teams allow for growth and directional change more fluidly than the alternative, if you know what you’re doing. And if you don’t - that’s what we at are here for.


Hire DevOps


How to Hire DevOps


DevOps is the latest big trend in hiring. Everybody is talking about DevOps, and everybody wants them. So, what the hell are DevOps, why do you need them, where can you find and hire DevOps and what should you be looking for? This guide will hopefully demystify some of that for you.


Hire Ruby on Rails Developer


A Hacker's Guide to Hiring a Ruby on Rails Developer


So, you want to hire a Ruby on Rails developer. You and everyone else in the Valley! Rails has been amongst the "it" technologies for web application development for some time now, and although it's got some tough competition coming from the likes of Node.js and Meteor, there's no denying its iterative power and robust community. That being said, it's not the best framework for every web project out there. So the first question you should ask is...


Hire Node.js Developer


6 Tips For Hiring a NodeJS Developer


So, you're looking to hire a Node.js developer or hire a Node.js freelancer. What should you be looking for? What makes a good candidate? This short guide will give you a few tips for things to look out for when scouting Node talent.


Hire iOS Developer


5 Ways to Hire an iOS Developer Faster


So, you're looking to hire an iOS developer or hire an iOS freelancer. What should you be looking for? What makes a good candidate? How can you ensure your vision is deployment ready by your intended timeline? These are 5 ways to hire a quality iOS developer faster.


Hire Senior Engineers


The 5 Heuristics of a Senior Engineer


Hiring for any kind of technical role is never without risk. And let's face it, it can be daunting to assess the nuances of talent and team fit in a few simple interviews plus a code exam. So how *should* we think about the value differences? We asked some experts. 38 of them, actually. This is what successful engineering leaders said they most look for in an engineer, beyond technical acumen. We're going to be honest...the answers gave us a few surprises.