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Technology Implementation


Technology Implementation: Faster, Smarter, Better


Business and tech leaders know about the pressure to deliver. It's never-ending. Nobody knows this better than slashBlue CEO Tom Dodds, who appeared on The Frontier Podcast to chat about building technology aligned with the people, process, and purpose of the organization. There are several things to take into account when thinking about implementing a more efficient workflow that works for everyone.


Legacy Enterprise


The 3 Challenges of Launching a Tech Startup in a Legacy Enterprise


A legacy enterprise isn’t typically something you associate with startups. I’d venture to say that most of us have a picture in our minds of legacy enterprises being these slow-moving behemoths. On the flip side, we picture startups as agile, sleek and fast. What you may not realize is that an increasing number of legacy enterprises are launching miniaturized versions of software enterprise startups internally.


Silicon Valley


Building outside of the Bay


If you've taken a look at our philosophy page, you're probably aware that we're strongly biased in favor of remote arrangements. We also think that as the cost of building companies goes down, more locations around the world open up to become awesome start-up hubs. That's why we spoke to David Ledgerwood, COO of SouthernAlpha and Jumpstart Foundry, and got his take on Nashville, TN and its attractiveness as a destination for start-ups.


Work Life Balance


Work/Life Balance for Entrepreneurs


am currently sitting in Starbucks, frantically typing on my feather-light MacBook Air while sipping my overpriced Ethos water. I told myself I needed to buy the water; I can expense it, after all. This is business. I get married in three short days, yet the bulk of my attention will go towards running my startup in Colorado Springs while I spend the week in Nashville. My computer is overloaded with guest lists and rehearsal dinner menus, but business calls. My fitness studio opens just a month after the honeymoon. How can I be expected to only focus on the wedding when my baby is back in Colorado?


Growth Hacking


Setting up your analytics


Growth hacking and data-informed product development are all the rage. But getting started is a bit daunting. This article will show you how to put together a simple, great analytics setup, with some tips to avoid the most common mistakes. It'll put you on the fast-track to measurably improving your product.


Understanding User Needs


Understand your users with Intercom


Signing up for a new service is exciting. You are interested enough that you think the service will help you. It has every feature that you missed so dearly in your current tools. You tell your colleagues how great working with this service will be. You try it, you test it and it looks great. But suddenly you get stuck. You could try to work it out or even send a request to support, but whatever, you got other stuff to do. So you drop off. For every company, especially for a startup, this is unacceptable. You need to step in to help people at exactly that moment.


Failed Businesses


Lessons from a failed digital agency


Sometimes we learn more from our failures than our successes. In this episode of the Working Without Pants Podcast, Marcus Blankenship takes us through his experience building up a successful agency and then experiencing it fail and fall apart. This is a must-listen for any creative individual who is considering expanding beyond themselves and building a team.


CEO Insights


Interview with Darrell Silver, CEO and Co-founder of


As companies continue to search high and low for software developers to turn ideas into living, breathing products, the demand is still outpacing the supply. Fortunately, several solutions are surfacing to tackle this problem by teaching people how to program. That's why we sat down with Darrell Silver, CEO, and Co-Founder of Thinkful, to learn more about the trends in the developer education industry.


Building a Consultancy Business


Building a consultancy while living in Japan with Keith Perhac


Keith runs a digital marketing agency called Delfi-Net, and best of all, he runs the agency while living in Japan! For the past 12 years, Keith has been living in Japan while building up a business primarily with US-based clients. We dive into Keith’s journey, how he got started and built the agency to the point where it is today. There are a lot of great insights here on building up a successful business and living a non-traditional lifestyle.


Tech Entrepreneur


An interview with Virgil Archer


Virgil Archer, one of the guys behind the TechYizu and the Startup Leadership Program in Shanghai, China. For all of you developers, entrepreneurs, and nomads considering heading out East in search of adventure and riches – this one’s for ya’ll.


Professional Risk


A career safety net for making the jump to a startup


As we grow the company I've found myself telling our 'founding story' more and more regularly. Whether it's being told to prospective employees, to incoming students, or to people in the community who are curious why we're doing what we're doing - each time I tell it I remind myself of one key element of the story: The school we're building today is what I desperately wanted for myself two years ago.


Blockchain in Business


What Business Leaders Need to Know About Blockchain


Blockchain isn’t even close to finishing its hype cycle run. According to Forbes, the keyword “blockchain” has increased by 250% in Google Trends over the course of just one year. The blockchain market is predicted to increase in value from $708 million in 2017 to $60 billion by 2024. Today, there are over 50 publicly traded companies utilizing blockchain, including...Disney? So, how do business leaders get into utilizing blockchain as a tool to take their business to the next level?


Becoming Your Own Boss


What To Know Before Becoming Your Own Boss


Everyone has thought about being their own boss at one point. What's better than setting your own hours and having the creative freedom to do with your business what you want? Or perhaps, you aren't ready to be your own boss yet, but you are bored with your job and want to be on the ground floor of something new and innovating. Mong Truong, a friend of the Frontier Podcast and no stranger to startups, is a many-time founder and gives us the lowdown on how to choose an engagement that is right-sized for you.


Healthcare Technology


The Intersection of AI and Medicine


One of most promising areas for AI research rests at the intersection of biology and medicine. Robert Fratila, CTO and Co-founder of Aifred Health and digs into deep learning, neural networks, and hype-busting truths about the current limits of AI. Fratila has a background in computer science and biology. He's worked on brain-state classifiers, computer vision packages for autonomous underwater vehicles, and predictive models for cancer patients, just to name a few.


Customer Problem Solving


Solving Customer Problems: The Sales Engineer Way


The software development lifecycle often relies too much on the product and its functions. Yet doing it this way leaves out a vital member of the team: the sales engineers. Chris Goodman, Director of Integrations and Alliances from SentinelOne guides us through the potential of a sales engineer, and how they can develop and share a deep understanding of customer problems and potential solutions.


Content Marketing Strategy


Content Marketing, Evolved


What happens when blogging, social media, webinars, and other forms of inbound marketing are no longer working for your business? How do you combat information overload when there are simply too many competing voices, all vying for your customers’ attention? If you truly want to gain support and gain customers you need to make sure they are included in your process. Your potential customers do not want to just hear about your offers, they want to be a part of your offers, they want to be a part of your conversations.


Creativity in Business


Algorithmic Creativity


Today, we’ve got a spot by Re-Compose, an Austrian company that creates software to analyze and re-synthesize digital music. Liquid Notes is the company’s first product. The company’s chief developer, Stefan Lattner, is here to chat.


Customer Service Best Practices


When are clients right?


The middlebrow answer to this question is, “Most of the time, but not when they’re difficult.” Internally, this is a question we’ve wrestled with repeatedly. Since we enable a freelance workforce, each one of our freelance teams has a slightly different temperament and communication style. We try our best to match these styles with the client project on which they’re working.


AI in Business


Can AI Really Help Your Business?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most compelling buzzword in tech. Just ignoring all of the alleged disruptions that AI started to have upon everything, might seem like you don’t want a long and prosperous life for your business. The amount of articles, news, reports, conferences related to AI is just huge, almost becoming impossible for a starter to identify meaningful content. All of this noise has also streamlined the creation of two rival ideologies regarding what AI might bring to the future of humanity.


Put Yourself First


Why you must become your own best client


It's easy to get caught up in the hustle of work and jump from client to client. When you have paid work ready for you, it’s easy to bury your nose in it and forget about your long-term career strategy. If you aren't careful, you can fall into the trap of forgetting about the most important client of all: yourself. Even though working on your own projects doesn't pay the bills, it is essential to long-term career growth and personal fulfillment.


Best Business Practices


Putting Down the Tools


In those crisis moments when expectations are high, everything is going off the rails, and the deadline was yesterday, all new tech agency owners will utter one fateful sentence. It would be so much faster if I just did this myself. Then they pick up the IDE, close the office door, and retreat into the code. What they don’t realize is that they’ve just kicked off a chain reaction of negative work practices that will plague their team for months.


Jobs to Be Done Theory


How Jobs-to-be-done Can Guide Your Next Innovation Sprint


Most business leaders you encounter will agree that innovation is key to their company’s overall health and future growth.  Despite this, just 6% of those same leaders reported being satisfied with their company’s innovation performance. Companies know more about their customers than ever before. So why do they continue to fail at innovation, creating products that have no market or never realized a meaningful return on investment?