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Leaders in the technology industry discuss new technology disruptors, what's to come and how various industries are changing the way we use technology.


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SaaS FinTech


Platforms at The Cutting Edge


Jason Zubrick, CTO of defi SOLUTIONS  has enjoyed a trailblazing career in retail finance, helping small-scale outlets revolutionize their technology approach. Jason has a unique take on SaaS fintech trends, as well as fascinating insights into what’s next in the field.


Global Technology


China, Huawei and The Future of Global Technology


Chris Short, Principal Product Marketing Manager for Redhat and owner of the newsletter DevOpsish discusses fundamental differences between Chinese and US internet, the technological, legal, and contractual hoops companies jump through in order to tap into a Chinese and other global technology markets.


Software in Commerce


Software Dominates High-Traffic Commerce


Leon Fayer began his prolific software engineering career some 25 years ago. After years of founding and running successful start-ups, Leon now works in consultancy with high-traffic sites, such as Wikipedia and National Geographic. Every company is becoming a technology company by necessity for his extensive expertise and insight on what’s now, and what’s next.


Telecommunication Technology


Telecommunication Technology in Video Calling


Bobby Beckmann, CTO of Lifesize, a formidable competitor in the video calling sector discusses the user experience challenges like making videos easier to join, require a huge rethinking of telecommunication norms and habits.


Parking Management Software


The Hardware Behind Parking Management Software


Jim Suttles, IT Director at Republic Parking Systems shares some of the amazingly elegant software and hardware solutions they use to make sure you’re paying for parking. You’ll probably pay more attention to those signs after you listen to this one.


Disruptive Technology


Disruptive Technologies in Conservative Business Sectors


Tim Anderson is the Vice President of Technical Operations of Kasasa. When you serve a conservative customer base, the day to day isn’t necessarily a cutting edge revolution in technology. Consumers want friendly, personalized service, across channels, that’s convenient, personalized, and consistent. Modern technology helps us get there.


Innovative Telephone Company


A Phone Company That Cares About People


James Graham, Founder of Community Phone discusses how Community Phone is reinventing the way we look at telephone companies. They are helping millions reduce the cost of their monthly phone plan, safeguarding their online privacy, and providing competent help from individuals in their local community immediately.


Video API


Scalable Video Capture and Playback


Oliver Friedmann is the CTO and Co-founder of Ziggeo, an API for video recording and playback.  Oliver discusses the engineering challenges he and his team overcame, both client-side (think old browsers) and server-side (think millions of users recording concurrently), as they developed their solution.


3D Mapping


Consumer Product to Critical B2B Technology


Amir Rubin co-founded Paracosm in 2013 with a mission to “3Dify the world.” What started as an idea to 3D map the world for experiential AR turned into a technology and approach that saves enterprise customers weeks of work every day. Amir discusses the transition from a visionary 3D world mapper to getting measurements inside buildings for industrial purposes.


Breathalyzer Technology


Hardware is hard; you make it happen or you don’t


Keith Nothacker, Founder and CEO of BACtrack, even in college knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He decided it was crazy that the police could test anyone for their blood alcohol level, but consumers couldn’t test themselves. In 2004, BACtrack became the first company to receive U.S. Food & Drug Administration clearance to legally sell breath alcohol devices to consumers for personal use.



Decision Engines Technology


Megascale High-Performance Decision Engines


George Corugedo is the co-founder and CTO of Redpoint. George discusses how his global engineering organization created industry-leading decision engine performance of fewer than 50 milliseconds per decision and scales it using .Net Core and containers to more than 30 million real-time decisions per day.


E-Commerce Technology


E-commerce Technology Innovations in Product Configuration


Andrew Guldman, VP of Product Engineering and R&D at Fluid discusses how he and his team have innovated the Fluid Configure product all the way from Flash and Flex to React and Node. Their metadata and decision engine tackles the most complex of product configurators for the likes of Oakley, Fender, and Louis Vuitton. 


Technology in Marketing


UX Ideas from Technology in Marketing


David Feinman is the CEO of Viral Ideas Marketing. We met him in his role as one of the Community Managers of Online Geniuses, a huge internet marketing community known for its industry leader AMAs. Marketing, technology, and product SMEs speak different languages, but what we do is all part of the same continuum.


Technology in The Funeral Industry


Best Practices for Winning in a New Industry


Dave Ugan a senior technology executive discusses how he spent 6 years bringing UX, CX, and technology from the hospitality and attractions industry to the end-of-life (yes, funerals) industry. How can best practices from one industry change another industry?


APM Software


What Really Caused that Bug?


Software and DevOps engineers spend a great deal of time in logs, analyzing what's happened, and trying to surmise why it's happened. Doug Suvalle, VP of Sales at Glassbox Digital discusses their contributions to application performance monitoring, and how engineers can help enable the revenue functions who sit closest to business stakeholders.




EdTech with Empathy-Based Technology


Kirk Gray relishes his role as VP at McGraw-Hill Education. He gives us his fascinating perspective on technology and education. Having experienced the dawn of EdTech, Gray goes into detail about the early years, how the industry has evolved, and the ethical barriers surrounding data collection.




Adtech Innovations at The Retailing Edge


Michael Weissman is a 10-time entrepreneur, career high tech executive, and consultant to tech Allstars like Apple, Amazon, Adobe, and more. However, Michael’s current adventure is Synchy, an advanced adtech product. Michael asks the compelling question, “Why is the best advertising OFF of the retailer’s website?” And furthermore, “Why is the worst advertising ON baked into the retail experience?




Agile Solutions for The Federal Government


Glenn Thimmes joins discusses his technical experience. From working for Microsoft, becoming an expert in .NET, to becoming CTO for Centeva to develop agile solutions for the federal government.


Technology and Politics


The Technology Behind Political Campaigns


Josh Hendler is the Project Director of Crush the Midterms and CTO at Purpose. Josh has worked at the intersection of social good and technology throughout his career. His sweet spot is technology leadership roles in politics, having served as the technology chief for the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America.


Aerospace Technology


Borrowing Innovation from Aerospace Technology


Sina Golshany is the Director of Technology at Fabricated Extrusion Company. He previously spent 8 years at Boeing in various aerospace engineering roles. Over the course of his career, he's developed a unique framework for innovation. He walks us through the four pillars of his system.


Technology in Healthcare


Disruptive Technology in Healthcare


Chris is a healthcare technologist in the venture technology space with broad expertise in platform development and domain-driven design. In this wide-ranging interview, Chris shares his perspectives on disruptive technology in healthcare and dials in on risk mitigation through domain-driven design in the full software development lifecycle.

Fitness Technology


Revolutionizing The Home Workout Market


Teja sits down with Kristie D'Ambrosio Correll, VP Engineering at MIRROR in this episode of the pod to talk about how MIRROR is revolutionizing the home workout market with their unique approach to fitness tech.

Security Technology


Helping Enterprises Cut Through The Noise


Tom Young is the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Syncurity and joins Ledge in this episode to talk about how they are helping enterprises cut through the noise of increased alert volume, staff shortages, and lack of integrated security point security solutions in order to protect their clients' businesses.

Restaurant Technology


Technology in The Restaurant Business


Chris Siefken, Head of Technology at Xenial, discusses how they are making restaurant technology that runs smart enterprise restaurants around the world, and how they are employing blockchain technologies in order to track all of the moving parts of the restaurant business.

Investment Technology


Cloud-Native Financial Technology Solutions


Ledge chats with Brandon Smith, a Director of Engineering at eVestment, about scaling high-growth engineering teams and delivering cloud-native financial technology solutions.

Tech Innovation


Tech Innovation in Any Industry


Ledge sits down with John Collier, Chief Technology Officer at VieMed, to talk about his technical career path across many different industries spanning speech analytics to medical, and his current work implementing his tech innovation into the healthcare industry.

Recruiting Industry


Bringing Transparency to The Recruiting Industry


Ledge sits down with Jason Burns, CEO, and founder of Kortivity, about his journey to starting Kortivity after being frustrated with the lack of transparency and accountability in the recruiting industry.

Knowledge Management Software


Knowledge Management Software to Empower


Mitch Stewart, Co-founder of GURU joins the pod to discuss how GURU is building a platform to unify companies' internal knowledge, verifies its accuracy, and empowers your revenue teams.

Giving More


The Payoff of Giving Before You Get


In this episode, we are joined by Lisa Reeves, SVP of product at Zenefits. Lisa shares how her years of experience as an operator, investor, and entrepreneur has been a guide in her uncapped success in the industry.