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Start with the obvious:

Yes, technical ability. Assessing the fit of any web developer starts with determining if their technical expertise matches your project needs.

Technical exams and verified years of experience is the most straightforward way to be sure a web developer can tackle your project...however, hosting technical exams for candidates can be a heavy lift if you’re handling the hiring process on your own.

At Gun.io, you’ll only see web developers who have already passed our rigorous technical exams.


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Invest in commitment:

When it comes to web development projects, you’ll need to work with a developer who can take your web project from prototype to product. Look for candidates who are interested in work they can dig into, and who are looking to add value for the long-haul.

We only partner with freelance talent looking for meaningful, longer-term projects.

Not their next quick gig.


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Find a technical hiring solution that works for you:

Unless you’re a technical recruiter, your day job isn’t technical hiring. Utilizing a technical hiring solution takes the guesswork out of finding quality web developers.

Gun.io connects you to fully vetted web developers and designers. We present you with handpicked candidates based on your project scope, and requirements.
So you and your developer can get straight to work.


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"In our experience, Gun.io engineers are capable, hungry, and speedy. Further, the Gun.io model allows us the flexibility to pivot on a dime. This agility has been a huge advantage to us while engaging a ton of different industry partners."

- Michael Perretta, Docket CEO


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