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Web Scraping


Web Scraping with Scrapy: Advanced Examples


Web scraping is one of the tools at a developer’s disposal when looking to gather data from the internet. While consuming data via an API has become commonplace, most of the websites online don’t have an API for delivering data to consumers. In order to access the data they’re looking for, web scrapers and crawlers read a website’s pages and feeds, analyzing the site’s structure and markup language for clues.


Google Webmaster Tools


Setting up Google Webmaster Tools with Python / Django


This a short guide on how to set up Google Webmaster tools for your python Django website.


Free SSL Certs


(Better) Free SSL Certs

SSL has long been depreciated in favor of TLS (Transport Layer Security) but common parlance hasn't changed to match. Throughout this article, I use HTTPS, SSL, and TLS interchangeably to refer to TLS. SSL has been a good idea for a long time, and with all of the major browsers updating their user interfaces to mark non-HTTPS connections as insecure, with ever-increasing intensity it is time to have every site delivered over HTTPS.




Post to Google Tasks Using Siri on Your iPhone


Siri is the iPhone's new fancy-pants program which lets you talk to your phone and have it do things for you. Google Tasks is Google's lightweight task manager. Together at last! It does it using 'CalDAV' (which means "Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV"), which is an Internet standard allowing a client to access scheduling information on a remote server. This is the mechanism that Siri uses to store tasks, so this code takes the calendar events and pushes them over to Google Tasks. How handy!


Zurb Foundation


Getting Started with Zurb Foundation 4


Zurb Foundation is a responsive "mobile-first" front-end framework. This means that it supplies quite a bit of initial structure for your web applications and eliminates considerable pain related to CSS and layout. If you've ever been intimidated by CSS layouts, Foundation is a cool balm to help alleviate some of the pain.




Getting data from the web with Import•io


For developers, we offer real-time data retrieval through our JSON REST-based and streaming APIs, integration with several common programming languages and data manipulation tools, as well as a federation platform that allows up to 100 data sources to be queried simultaneously. If you've ever found yourself writing a scraper, trying to get data out of the HTML of a web page, or combining the data from multiple sources together then import•io may be for you.


Image Hosting Service


Image hosting in 30 minutes


It used to be fairly simple, but progress marches on, and today many factors need to be taken into account. Uploadcare makes working with files easier. Everything from uploading, storage, processing, to distribution to the end-user. Let us use it as our primary block.