Why Gun.io?

Our case for a more innovative approach

Finding great developers and product talent is hard.

Everyone struggles with it.

The good engineers are taken and probably too expensive anyway. There aren't enough people in your city or region to support the demand. And it's hard to do proper vetting, so it's risky to hire someone and it not work out. 

Not to mention the time it takes to do all of that.

So that's what we set out to solve at Gun.io. Our special sauce is a novel approach to blending scale, service and quality into a solution that reduces risk, while dramatically increasing the supply of quality, vetted talent.  

And while our recipe certainly begins with exceptional talent, our process is designed to create total project transparency and oversight without increasing cost to our client.

Really liked the process on Gun.io! Much better than blindly posting to a job board and hoping for the best.

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Simply, we're solving for the most painful aspects of finding exceptional software development talent.

So, let's talk cost.

While other development services may appear less expensive on an hourly or fixed-price basis, they often cut corners in their development process — and therefore pass on hidden risks (and hidden costs) to their clients and community members.

We are not the least expensive option, but we provide the highest level of value and ROI in our industry. Here's how:

We start with scouting, vetting, and accepting great talent. Then, we ensure that our freelancers are paid exceptionally well. They receive up-to 70% of every dollar you spend with us.

No other business in the software development industry pays 70% of their fees directly to their talent (we’ve checked the public filings) — they are bloated by unnecessary internal operational, engineering, and marketing costs.

The results are mutually beneficial. Our freelancers get regular work, with great companies and receive a bigger cut from us. They enthusiastically agree to take a reduced day rate, which we can pass along to you. Better talent for rates you can't get anywhere else. Simple. 

Flexible, personal approach — I didn’t feel like I had to jump through hoops and every contact point was friendly and easy going.

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Service is in our company’s organizational DNA. 

Your first call is with a member of our leadership team, your project is managed (at no cost to you) by exceptional product and project managers, and you will receive a 24/7 billing and project administrative contact. 

No other business in our industry offers this level of service. There are specific processes in our client services department which we could automate or staff with junior level roles to expand faster — but deliberately do not.

Simply, we remixed the traditional formulas, blending the humanity of an agency with the scale of a marketplace to deliver the best value per dollar of any business in the software development space.

But we’re not right for every business or project. 
Here’s a quick checklist for when an alternative solution might work better for you.

Hiring Toptal (or other transactional marketplace) makes sense in the following situations:

  • When your total project budget is below $20,000.
  • When you have the bandwidth and desire to manage the vetting and admin of developers yourself.
  • When you value minimizing total cost over maximizing return on every dollar.

Hiring any local agency or solo freelancer makes sense in the following situations:

  • When you have a known, fixed scope of work and have a strong referral from your local network.
  • When you seek face-to-face interaction and want to work exclusively with local developers.
  • When the agency is small and you can interact directly with its key leadership.

Hiring an FTE makes sense in the following situations:

  • When you run a venture-backed company with a sizable war-chest, and the velocity of engineering output is more important than getting the most returns for every dollar.
  • When you need security clearances for your staff because you are working on government contracts.
  • When you know someone very well, and s/he wants to work with you.

The fact that you are hands on is an asset for us. Ideally I know our interests are being looked after with Gun.io, which is important.

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We're trusted by engineers, we'd like to earn yours.

A check on HackerNews, Reddit, and Twitter will reveal to you that we have the best reputation among programmers — whether they are independent freelancers or whether they are technology executives at the helms of software companies.

We’ve earned that reputation by being their champion and delivering great software as a result.

We'd welcome a conversation about your team or project anytime.

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