Why Gun.io?

Our case for a more innovative approach

At the highest level we've got a pretty simple mission - help technical leaders hire the world’s most sought-after freelance engineers, risk-free and at a moment’s notice.

We attract elite freelancers, take lots of things off their plate they don't like to do, then connect them with product teams who need and appreciate the value of working with exceptional talent.

I can't believe you got me on a video call with an engineer on the same day. I've used a bunch of others sites and half of them didn't even get back to me for several days. It's obvious your process is so much tighter, and the level of talent was awesome.

Ethan C. | CTO

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Our formula looks like this: 


Find the highest quality talent in the industry
Top level engineering talent often choose to operate independently. They can typically charge a premium for their services and also have the autonomy to choose the work that's most interesting or professionally rewarding. We actively search, discover and sign these top level pros in an evergreen effort to grow the industry's best community. These elite engineers are very difficult to find - much less afford - but that's where we come in.

Keep their book of business full of challenging work
Independent contractors often struggle to find a balance between non-billable, business development activities and the actual work people pay them to do. Fact is, most top engineers are more than willing to give up a little on their day rate in order to have a consistent book of business, paired with the opportunity to jettison business development, project management, billing, et all of the non-value-add work that comes with being an independent contractor.

Pay them better than our competition does
We're not the only community in town, but we share more revenue than anyone. Our Professional Freelancers receive up-to 70% of every dollar spent with us. No other business in the software development industry pays 70% of their fees directly to their talent (we’ve checked the public filings) — they are bloated by unnecessary internal operational, engineering, and marketing costs.


Provide access to an exclusive pool of exceptional freelance talent
Finding great developers and product talent is hard. Everyone struggles with it. The good engineers are taken and probably too expensive anyway. There aren't enough people in your city or region to support the demand. And it's hard to do proper vetting, so it's risky to hire someone and it not work out. Not to mention the time it takes to do all of that by yourself. Our approach reduces risk, while dramatically increasing the supply of quality, vetted talent.

Handle all of the aspects of finding a candidate that you don't have the time, expertise or desire to do 
Your first call is with a member of our leadership team in order to understand your project, goals, stack, and all the other nuances that define your ideal situation. Then we take on all the related tasks of posting your job, fielding inquiries, vetting, and matching candidates to your specs. Once your freelancer or team are sourced, you will receive a dedicated 24/7 billing and project administrative contact to stay connected to your needs and project over time.

Provide structure, process and oversight at the project level to guarantee success
Most of our competitors provide a transactional service. You post a gig, they match you up with a developer and you take it from there. We aren't a transactional service. In fact, our value is equally distributed across the entire project lifecycle. We stay connected to you and your project to make sure you have the roles you need, when you need them, regardless of skill set - all without increasing your cost.


Flexible, personal approach — I didn’t feel like I had to jump through hoops and every contact point was friendly and easy going.

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We're trusted by developers, we'd like to earn yours, too.
A check on HackerNews, Reddit, and Twitter will reveal to you that we have the best reputation among programmers — whether they are independent freelancers or whether they are technology executives at the helms of software companies. We’ve earned that reputation by being their champion and delivering great software as a result. We'd welcome a conversation about your team or project anytime.

The fact that you are hands on is an asset for us. Ideally I know our interests are being looked after with Gun.io, which is important.

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