Making Remote Work

A 5-part guide to maintaining communication, culture, and quality of work as you take your technical team remote. 


A five-part content series

Your ultimate guide to building & leading a remote engineering team.

We created this guide to help technical leaders think objectively about the pros, cons, and tradeoffs of working with a remote technical team.

Read on for a chapter-by-chapter preview of what's included in the guide. 

working with remote talent - ultimate guide

Chapter One - The Rise Of The Remote Work Economy

There is a literal mountain of stats

around this subject that can be unearthed with nothing more complicated than a rudimentary Google search. We won't belabor the full-breadth of them here. What we do want to emphasize are two realities that you must acknowledge if you lead a remote engineering team, are looking into building a remote team, or are thinking of giving your current team the option to work from home from time-to-time, or full-time...

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We see a clear pattern of top engineers choosing to work remotely. The new formula for building a great technical team likely doesn't include just one zip code.
Teja Yenamandra, CEO |

Chapter Two - How To Build A World-Class Remote Team

We won’t bury the lede here:

good hiring and management strategy is good hiring and management strategy, whether your development team is remote or local. The difference? Remote engineering teams allow for growth and directional change more fluidly than the alternative, if you know what you’re doing.  The first thing to consider when building a remote engineering team is...

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74.92% of respondents from a 2018 State of Software Development Survey said remote work is encouraged at their company.

source: Coding Sans Survey

Chapter Three - How To Lead In A Remote Technical Team

Unsurprisingly, not all of us were cut out for that #RemoteLife.

Maybe you despise working and are hoping to take a lifelong vacation under the guise of remote work, for example. Or you’ve never used a computer. Not you? Great. Still, if you’re considering shifting your product team to a remote model or pursuing remote engineering work yourself, we encourage you to do some soul searching before diving in.

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Chapter Four - Three Technology Companies Crushing It With Remote Teams

We’re evolving the way we work.

The intersection of the technology and tools required to facilitate communication paired with our collective appetite to create more meaning, balance and flexibility in our personal and professional lives has lead to the rise of the Remote Workforce. There are thousands of businesses across the world opting for some level of remote work, with varying degrees of success based on myriad factors. Here are the stories of three technology companies doing it incredibly well.

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74% of 1,000 office workers surveyed said they would leave their job for another that offered the option of more remote work.

source: RPO Intelligence Survey

Chapter Five - 5 Essential Tools For Remote Technical Teams

You gotta have a sweet set of tools.

If you’ve made the decision to embrace a work culture that accommodates remote employees, there are a handful of practical tools you’ll need to invest in in order to make it work. We’ve outlined the essentials across communication, project management and code promotion that constitute the essential must-haves for any remote technical team.

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