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We'll change the way you hire - and the way you grow.

It Starts With Amazing Talent

We actively represent a roster of elite, Professional Freelancers - senior-level engineers who intentionally decide to work on a contract basis through our platform.

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Expert engineers, expertly matched.

We know our developers - what they're great at, what they're excited about, and the situations where they thrive. 

Once we know a little about you, we introduce you to candidates who check all the boxes.

Meet Your Match

A Simple Process That Gets Results.

Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll find it. Fast.

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Packages designed to accommodate any hiring need.

Bring the right talent to your team at just the right time. We find candidates that perfectly align with your project and your team.

Start small and build or go big from the jump  - it's all possible with our flexible hiring packages. is a leader in Freelance Platforms on G2

A note on value

We'll shoot you straight

Working with a Professional Freelancer unlocks more value than just great code.

We are not a mass marketplace; discounted, race-to-the-bottom rates aren't our jam.

So if you're looking for a cheap, short-term dev to knock something out over a weekend, we're probably not the service for that.

But if you're in the market for best-in-class talent and service, let's talk.

You won't pay a dime until you start working with the engineer of your choice. 

"We've had plenty of good experiences working with engineers starting around this time last year when we decided to build out Docket™ SMS appointment reminder functionality.

In our experience, engineers are capable, hungry, and speedy. Further, the model allows us the flexibility to pivot on a dime. This agility has been a huge advantage to us while engaging a ton of different industry partners."


Michael Perretta, Docket CEO

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