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We'll change the way you hire - and the way you grow.

It Starts With Amazing Talent

We actively represent a roster of elite, Professional Freelancers - senior-level engineers who intentionally decide to work on a contract basis and choose to work through our platform.
Our candidate selection & vetting process is comprehensive, resulting in a deep understanding of technical skill, situational experience, and business-level acumen.

We use this rich profile data to hand-select candidates that perfectly match your team or product.

A Simple Process That Gets Results.

Skip the crazy recruiter fees or endless marketplace profile browsing. Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll find it. Fast.

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Trusted by high-achieving engineering teams.


A note on value

We'll shoot you straight

Working with a Professional Freelancer unlocks more value than just great code. 


Hiring senior, deeply experienced talent means that you are investing in your product and team - not in training a green contributor.


Plus, a account manager stays on your project for its entirety to offer administrative, relationship, and additional talent assistance. 


We are not a mass marketplace; discounted, race-to-the-bottom rates aren't our jam. But if you're in the market for best-in-class talent and service, let's talk. You won't pay a dime until you start working with the engineer of your choice. 


We'd like to earn your trust, too.

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