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by Rich Jones

At, we're all about one thing: helping you make more money. If you're a talented freelance hacker, an entrepreneur with a dream, a well-connected salesperson or a great technical writer - you're going to make a lot of money here.

#1: Hire a Hacker to Build Your Project

Do you have a big idea for a new business? Need somebody to help you build out your current business? Growing your startup company?

If you need to find a talented developer to work on your project, we'll introduce you to the best possible person for your project, guaranteed. We've helped over a thousand businesses, from one-man startups to multi-national corporations like Amazon, hire talented professional software developers. We're so confident in the talents of our hand-picked developers that we'll promise a full refund if you're not 100% satisfied.

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# 2: Apply To Hack on Freelance Gigs

If you're a professional software developer interested in earning more money, congratulations, you've come to the right place. has the best freelance opportunities for software developers anywhere on the internet. We've payed out over $15,000,000 to our network of professional freelancers and we're growing at a tremendous pace.

We are extremely selective about who is allowed to apply for jobs on We're not like those other crappy freelancing sites where you're competing with off-shore code sweatshops. We only send you jobs which are worth your time. At, we also place a heavy focus on professionalism, communication skills and free and open source software experience as shown in your GitHub portfolio. We'll also provide you with training to level up your freelancing skills.

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#3: Send Business Our Way

Do you know somebody looking to hire a talented professional software developer? If you send business our way, we'll split the profits with you, fifty-fifty. That averages out to over $750 per sale, just for sharing a link!

People say we're crazy for paying that much to our partners, but we don't care. We're a bootstrapped, profitable and completely independent company, which means we can completely rewrite the rules in the freelance industry with one thing in mind: making you more money. We only make money when you make money, and we like it that way.

Just ask Marcus Whitney. As a CTO, Marcus is asked often if he knows any developers looking for work. One day, he referred his friend Charlie, who had been looking for a Rails developer for 3 months for a $10,000 freelance project. Within 7 days of working with, Charlie found a great developer from San Francisco, and Marcus earned $750. Not too shabby!

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#4: Write Awesome Articles

At, we love sharing useful information. Our awesome tutorials, guides, essays and fun articles are a huge source of our traffic and provide a great utility for the members of our community. Just like with our partner program, we pay out a full 50% commission for all sales that come through any articles you write. For some articles, this can mean over $10,000 in payouts!

If you're a writer looking to expand your audience and get paid for it, you should write for us! We're specifically interested in advanced technical tutorials about new technologies, advice for new entrepreneurs, social commentary, announcements about new or unknown Free and Open Source software projects, and handy productivity or health tips.

Want to start writing? Send us your pitches! Send In Your Ideas is how top entrepreneurs and executives launch incredible products.

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